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Heat pumps are popular heating systems, especially in homes, businesses, and other facilities that do not have a connection to natural gas. A heat pump is sort of like a “reverse air conditioner,” meaning instead of pumping heat out of your home from inside, it gathers heat from the outside and pumps it in where you need it. This type of heating is emissions-free, effective, and energy-efficient, and is rapidly becoming a popular choice for those looking for reliable heating without the burden of an additional fuel supply.

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At Akian Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer a full range of services for all your heat pump needs. If your heat pump isn’t working properly or has stopped working altogether, we can come to you and provide you with a quality repair that solves the issue at its source. We know fixing a complex machine like a heat pump isn’t something the average person is capable of doing, so we make it easy by taking care of the hard work for you. If your heat pump is past its useful lifespan, we can outfit your home with a state-of-the-art replacement system that provides you with the energy-efficient heat you need. And we do all of this while holding ourselves to the highest standards of quality. From world-class workmanship to customer service that isn’t found anywhere else, we want your experience with our crew to be so memorable you’ll come back to us again and again for all of your heat pump needs.

Heat Pump Repairs

While heat pumps may be efficient and effective, they are prone to breaking down. Because they have a number of moving parts and crucial components that all need to work together, even small problems can bring down your entire system. At Akian Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, our Watertown heat pump experts can identify the source of your problem accurately and provide you with a fix that works. We never just treat the symptoms of your issue—we work hard to correctly identify the source of your problem because we believe you want a solution you can count on. We identify and repair all types of issues with your heat pump, including:
– Faulty compressors
– Refrigerant leaks
– Electrical connection problems
– Dirty components
– Thermostat problems
– Damaged coils
– Damaged belts
Whatever type of heat pump you have, Akian Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can get it fixed. We service all makes and models of unit, and we always try to use genuine parts and premium components because we know you want a solution that lasts. This extra step of quality is just one of the ways we believe we stand out from the rest of the competition.

Type of Heat Pumps: Ducted & Mini-Split

Ducted Heat Pumps- (air source heat pumps) replace your outdoor air conditioning unit and provide you with not only efficient cooling but heating as well. They can act as a primary heat source or secondary heat source when paired with a hot air furnace. These systems do typically qualify for rebates and/or tax credits.

Akian Plumbing Team

Mini-Split Heat Pumps (also air source heat pumps) are a good solution for many applications. In existing homes that do not have ductwork and that would be a challenge to add ductwork to these are a great option. Many times the mini-split system does not require much if any opening of walls, floor or ceiling to install. Even for new construction they are a great option. With the ability to efficiently produce heat even during temperatures below 0 degrees F, mini-split heat pumps have come a long way (specifically the Mitsubishi HyperHeat series). These systems do typically qualify for rebates and/or tax credits..

Heat Pump Installations

Heat pumps are like other heating solutions in that they have a finite lifespan—after a while, you’re going to have replace your unit entirely. When your system begins to break down frequently, is showing signs of age, has become incredibly inefficient, or simply can’t keep up with your heating demands any further, it may be time to retire it and install a new one. When you need your heat pump replaced, our team will send an experienced technician to you in order to measure and evaluate your home and then hand-select the perfect replacement system for your home. We make sure that every replacement system we install is efficient, advanced, and set up to provide you with the high-quality heat you need.

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